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Figuring Out How Many Solar PanelsYou Need

There are a few steps that you will have to follow to find out about how many solar panels you will be needing to compensate for all the energy used in your home. Once you have this part down, it will all start to come together and become easier to understand how this all works.

1. Make a list of all the electrical appliances that you use, how many watts each one uses and estimate how many hours per day you use them. You can find the amount of watts it uses by looking at the label on the back or bottom of the electrical product. You'll be looking for something that looks like (1450W) for example. Of course all the numbers will vary depending on how many watts that particular product uses. Some power adapters won't tell you how many watts it uses, instead is will tell you the amount of volts and amps. (for example +13v ... 1.3A) If this is the case, you will want to multiple the volts x amps to get your watts. Keep in mind all of these labels are slightly different, so if you are still having trouble on a particular appliance, check the manual or call the manufacture to get the amount of watts. The labels on the electrical items approximations, which is fine, but if you would like a more precise number, using a kill-a-watt electronic device works wonders! This device plugs into your electrical outlet, and then you plug the electrical item into the kill-a-watt meter and it gives you an exact reading of how many watts it uses. This meter is extremely handy and very inexpensive.

2. Multiply the total watts times the hours used for each particular electrical product. So for example if you use a radio for 2 hours a day while working out and it uses 14W, then you would multiply 14x2 to get a total of 28watts per day for the radio. Once you do this for each item, add them all up to get the total amount of watts that you use per day.

3. Look at the following table to determine the amount of average sunlight you get in your area.

4. Now divide the total amount of watts used per day as you figured out in step 2, by the average amount of sunlight. So if you use 1000watts per day in your home and the average sunlight is 4.3, then you would do 3000/4.3=698. This means you will need at least 698 Watts of solar panels to get enough solar energy to power your entire house.

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