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  The OEM department specializes designing and manufacturing solar products.

We supply kinds of solar panels. Welcome to OEM services, please tell your demand, and we will feedback in 24 hours.
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Portable Solar Charger


Structure Explain:

  • With mountain-climbing buckles, the solar panel modules can be fixed on knapsack and other items
  • To place mobile phones, power banks and other items to be charged
  • With overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection and over-retain protection to protect the circut
  • With super magnet to fix the module when it folding

Using Instructions:

  • Unfold the solar module and the position should be facing the sunshine,where is no hanging branches or obstacles
  • In order to make the module obtaining the maximum output power, the suggestion is adjust the facing direction according to the movement of solar trajectory
  • The solar module could be fixed on the corresponding items by the inserting the climbing buckle into the 4 holes
  • The charging device connected with the USB output interface through the charging line
  • When the charging device is full charged, should pull out the charging line from the USB output interface

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6W Portable Solar Ccharger
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5W Portable Solar Ccharger
14W Portable Solar Ccharger

We also manufactures customized solar cells according to customer's specifications. Welcome to OEM services, please tell your demand, and we will feedback in 24 hours. Customized Flexible Solar panel, please contact us: oem@solars-china.com

If you want to inquiry or place an order, Please send the inquiry or purchase order to us by email or fax, including model number, quantity and delivery address.
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